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Why you should avoid “build your own website” programs…

There are several very important reasons why you should not use “build my own website” programs and companies.  You might think initially that you are getting a great deal and that the appeal of having full control is just too great to pass up.  But the reality of the situation is that it could end up costing you more money and hassle in the long run.  Let Bluetera explain why you should avoid these “make your own website” gimmicks.

A big risk of using a “build your own website” program is that you are putting your website and important content in the hands of someone else who can take it away from you at any time.  We often see clients come to us furious because the company that they built their website on has suspended their account or gone out of business.  The most common complaint is that a credit card on file expired or a payment didn’t post so the hosting account was cancelled and the entire website deleted.

The next problem is when you decide you want to move to a different hosting account and transfer your website.  Maybe you found a cheaper solution or better services elsewhere.  Well, that website you built yourself cannot be transferred anywhere else.  The premade website templates that allows you to “make your own website” belong to that company.  You cannot take them with you.  Ever.  You will have to start all over.

When you use a “build your own website” program, you are hosting your website within their domain.  This means, you do not officially have your own hosting space and unique domain.  So instead of, you get  The problem with this is that you are only helping the search engine rank of the company that is hosting your website.  Websites are like real estate on the web.  Your domain name is like your address.  The more you put into it, the more value it holds.  So, if you decide to leave the “make your own site” company, you can’t take their domain with you.  You have to start all over with a new domain and all the search engine ranking you worked hard for is now gone forever.  The other issue with this is that you will never reach your full SEO potential.  Meaning, you will never get the best search engine results that you would get if you had your own private website.  Search engines view unique privately owned websites as more important and valid than those hosted under something like

Read the fine print!  Some of these “design my own website” companies will give you a unique domain name (, but the fine print often says that you cannot take it with you if you choose to go elsewhere.  So what happens when they decide to start charging you more money for your monthly subscription and you want to leave?  Say goodbye to your domain name AND the website you built… or… you can stay and be unhappy.

If you can afford to pay a professional website designer to build your website for you, you will benefit immensely in comparison to using a “make your own website” application.  Your website will be unique to you and your character, can be fully customized, will ALWAYS belong to you 100%, can be easily transferred to another web host at any time, and will provide the best search engine ranks and results.

Perhaps budget is your main concern and the reason why a “build your own website” company is appealing to you.  Consider this:  You can opt to have a simple website built with a premade template that you personally will own.  A premade template can save a lot of time and money.  When you choose a pre designed website template through a website designer like Bluetera, you have many more options to choose from than the limited choices on the “make my own website” programs.  And because of the improved search engine performance, revenue generating websites will surely see higher profits.

In conclusion, professional website design companies like Bluetera will provide a higher quality product, optimized performance, customization, 100% ownership, and an all around better experience than the “build my own website” companies will.

For more information on website design and premade website templates, give us a call at (614) 546-8278 or email at [email protected]

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