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If you want to increase sales, membership, brand awareness, requests for information, website traffic, etc then you need Search Engine Optimization from Bluetera, of Winston-Salem. Anyone can put a website on the Internet, but without SEO, you won’t get the traffic you desire. SEO is what lets the world know about you and then brings the people to your doorstep. Not only that, Search Engine Optimization brings…

the right people.

Reviewing Analytics

SEO Planning & Strategy

Bluetera begins every project with a thorough analysis of your current situation, to determine what is or is not working for you.  Then, we devise a plan to improve your situation by ensuring you have a solid starting foundation.  We will progress by driving more traffic, increasing brand awareness, improving your online reputation and fulfilling your needs. We raise the bar to go above and beyond reaching your goals with customized strategies that lead to success.

Website Planning and Marketing

SEO Foundation Improvement

Successful SEO services start with a solid foundation.  Bluetera will assess your website structure, website content, online reputation, website traffic, social media interaction and more to determine all of the areas for improvement. You absolutely need to have your website and social media accounts in optimal condition before spending money on additional Search Engine Optimization services. This will ensure that your website is off to a good start, that Google likes it, and that users will appreciate it when they reach it.

Content Creation & Editing

We are experts at understanding the character that you want to portray. Everyone is different and it takes a creative mind to translate that into text and images. Bluetera specializes in creation and editing of content such as logos, various types of text (website, e-books, paper books, articles, news, etc), video editing, social media content, ad content, PDF documents, print materials, graphic design and more. We are proficient in writing the English language.

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Reputation Management

Did you know that your rank in Google Search could be low due to a bad reputation online?  Google takes into consideration if a company or website is disliked by the public and may favor those with glowing reputations. Of course, this is not always the only factor, but it is important. Google looks at your reputation across all rating and review websites. Bluetera can help you improve your online and social media reputations with Google Business, Google Maps, Yelp!, YellowPages, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.  Have bad negative reviews?  We can help with that!

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Social Media plays a HUGE roll in SEO and the success of businesses and websites! Some people do not realize just how important this is. Bluetera will help you determine which social media platforms will have the biggest impact on your SEO performance and implement the actions needed to get the most bang for your buck. This includes content generation and cross-linking platforms. Doing this can bring a whole new plethora of traffic you never expected.

Internet Connections Across a City

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Once you have a solid SEO foundation in place, it is recommended to implement a Pay Per Click advertising strategy. Most people recognize this as Google AdWords, but there are also other PPC alternatives. Bluetera will set you up on a predetermined budget, of your choosing, to utilize AdWords or a similar PPC platform to display your advertisements on their websites and search engine listings.  These PPC advertisements will drive traffic through the desired channels (website clicks, email, phone, etc).

Website Search Engine Analytics on a Mobile Device

Google Tools Management

Proper SEO revolves around effective use of many of Google’s tools and functions.  A lot of these tools are often overlooked or ignored by many “SEO experts” and Clients do not know that they are missing out.  We make sure that we utilize all Google tools that could be beneficial to you and your goals. This include Google Analytics, Search Console, Webmaster Tools, Rich Snippets, Structured Data, Google Reviews, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Forms, AMP and more.

Mobile Cellular Phone Displaying Analytics

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

If you thought the SEO for your website showing on a desktop computer is the same as SEO for your website displaying on a mobile device, you would be wrong. Mobile Search Engine Optimization has it’s own set of rules that must be followed. Bluetera will make sure that your website is properly optimized for both computer desktop display and also mobile devices. This includes improving load times and usability that are specific to the viewing device. Did you know that users on desktops/laptops tend to behave differently than mobile device users? Let’s make sure your website is up to the challenge!

Ready to increase traffic to your website and social media accounts? Let’s plan your SEO strategy today!

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