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Everyone needs their website to be memorable from the first impression. We achieve this by designing websites that have a pleasant visual impact, comprehensive content, uniqueness, optimum performance, and ease of use. This results in an increase of brand/subject awareness, social sharing, and desirable traffic to your website.

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Website Planning & Strategy


We begin by meeting at our office in Winston-Salem, your location nearby, or via email or phone to get to know you and your subject, the character we need to portray, your needs, who your competitors are (if any), what they are doing and how we will do it better. Together, we create a plan of action that will be the most effective way to quickly and efficiently meet your goals through the design of your new website.  We will help you determine the best type of website, color choices, typography, imagery, and anything else that applies to your unique situation. Bluetera will proficiently create any type of website to meet all personal, commercial, and corporate needs.


When a well devised plan of action is in place and approved by you, we will begin designing your new website. The process varies per project type, but often begins with creation of a graphic mockup or customization of a theme. We will make any revisions as necessary and begin development the website code on a test server. Another round of revisions are available as needed. Once the website is launched, we perform final testing to ensure all is well. At last, we can tell the world about your brand new website!

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Tired of relying on a website designer to make your much needed content updates?  Wishing you could update your website yourself?  Our website content management systems (CMS) are exactly what you need! We put the control in your hands, without knowing how to code or design a website.  That’s right… you can do it yourself… if you want to! Our CMS applications feature easy to use drag and drop editors, much like writing and email or a Word document.

Web Hosting Server


A successful website is built within a top rated web hosting plan. Bluetera brings all of the web hosting choices to you. We will help you determine which website hosting product is going to best suited for your needs. We will assess speed, performance, resource and storage capacity, ease of use, traffic, and security requirements in relation to your website design and future expectations. Need a domain name for your website? We have competitive rates on domains as well! And you own and control your domain name, not us.
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Why do web browsers say your website is not secure? That is because you need to have SSL encryption (an SSL certificate) installed. This changes the address bar in the web browser to a green lock icon and the browser now shows your website is safe. This is one of the ways Bluetera can help you make your website safe. We can also make sure that you are PCI compliant when you are collecting private or financial information about your website visitors. Don’t forget website security measures to keep out hackers and scammers! Just like your computer, a website need security software and monitoring for malicious activity. We can secure your website!

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Custom website design has taken a new “Mobile First” direction. Not to be confused with “Mobile Friendly” and “Mobile Responsive”. Mobile First is Google’s preferred website design style and this took precedence only in the last couple of years. Even if you already have a Mobile Responsive website, you are probably not meeting the Mobile First guidelines that just came out in 2018/2019. Click HERE to see all of the changes Google has made to their search algorithms.  Even if your website looks great in a mobile device, if it was designed before 2019, it does not meet Google’s current Mobile First standards. We use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), when it makes sense for our clients. We use scaled images and WebP image formats for fast loading.  Google loves that!

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We design all websites to be search engine friendly and optimized.  We also offer ongoing SEO services after your custom website design is launched.  Google is constantly changing their SEO guidelines and only educated webmasters like us can stay ahead of the game.  Our 2019 custom website designs are designed to be fast, use Schema, optimized scaling images, WebP image format, Rich Snippets, pretty links, proper tagging, and all of the things that result in A grades on GTMetrix. This is the excellent foundation you need in order to start ranking your website high in the search engine lists. We can also help you target Google images, carousels, and video placement in search.

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