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WordPress blog designer from Columbus, Ohio!

I get a lot of requests from clients looking for WordPress blog website designers that are local to Columbus, OH and central Ohio. The nice thing about being local is that I am available for in person meetings to discuss your WordPress blog project needs.

WordPress website development is one of my specialties. Here are just some of the WordPress website design services I offer:

  • WordPress web hosting
  • setup of databases for WordPress
  • installation of WordPress
  • migration of WordPress from one web host to another
  • migration from an alternative blogging platform/software to WordPress
  • conversion of non-CMS (content management system) websites to WordPress
  • website design using WordPress as a content management system
  • design of unique custom WordPress themes (styles/templates/graphics)
  • pre-existing purchased template customization and template tuning
  • installation of pre-existing WP plugins
  • seemless blending of WordPress with other non-WP types of websites and software (example: vBulletin)
  • SEO for WordPress
  • merging of multiple WordPress CMS and blog websites
  • upgrade existing WordPress websites
  • WP spam management and prevention
  • affiliate networking, pay per click campaigns, and ad management for WordPress
  • original WordPress blog and page content writing (boosting)
  • WordPress link building
  • social networking connections
  • If you have questions about WordPress website design, would like to start your WP project, or need something that is not listed here, please feel free to contact me.

    Jessica Bolin
    Phone: (614) 546-8278
    Email: [email protected]

    Please note, there is a small trip fee for in person visits, if you do not pay for your project upfront at the time of the meeting.

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