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Unique WordPress website/blog designs!

If you are looking for a unique/different WordPress website/blog design, that is one of my specialties! I get a lot of web development clients that are looking for a WP website that has unique character and doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Some good examples:

  • Tattoo Artists and Studios – I can create a WordPress website that is customized to your style. Whether that be upscale salon style, urban, retro, dark, etc I can make something unique to you. I am very good at taking artwork from the artists and merging it into the website itself.
  • Artists – I am experienced at creating unique WordPress portfolios for artists. I can also animate your artwork if you would like to include an intro or other types of animation. Your art can be integrated into the WordPress graphics and template/theme.
  • Musicians – I have worked with many musicians and can include your audio as downloadable files or streaming media. Custom video players can also be created that are unique to your style. If you already have album or other artwork, I can merge that into the WordPress theme/website design if you like.
  • Photographer – Are you a unique photographer looking for something different? Something with some edge and special character? I can definitely help you with that!

I see a lot of the same old style of WordPress designs and find them to be very boring. I have quite the imagination and can make very creative and unique graphic designs and page structures. If you have a particular style of art in mind, let me know. I can even use paintings, ink/marker on paper, and other printed forms of art.

If you would like to discuss your project, let me know! I would be happy to see what we can come up with.

Phone: 614-546-8278

Email: [email protected]

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