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Why you should update your website…

As a website owner, you should treat your website as an investment. The more you put into it, the bigger return you will get.  Nearly all websites cost some amount of money to operate. Some more than others. Regardless of what you pay, you have it out there for a reason. I am certain that everyone has the same goal: To reach an audience.

In order to have the biggest reach on the Internet and keep your audience interested, you need to make sure you keep your website updated. This doesn’t apply to just changing some text here and there to make sure the details are correct; this means you need to keep up with appearances too.

Web development is constantly changing and evolving. New programming evolves daily, graphic trends change, and methods for best serving information also change. The audience knows when a website is neglected. It is like seeing someone walking down the street looking like they teleported from the 80’s. It is a train wreck. It gives people a bad taste in their mouth. Instead, you want the audience to be pleased and surprised by the quality of your website. You want them to remember it and tell others about it.

In addition, updating content and structure lets search engines know that your website is important.  Websites with the most updated content are moved to the top of search engine lists. This means more website traffic for you. To add to that, a new design means your content is likely to be more search engine optimized, as SEO standards change often.

Another point to consider is if you do not have a content management system for your website yet, you should get one. In this day and age, there is no reason why a website owner should not have the ability to edit the basic content of their website without the need to know coding. We can make that happen for you. Although we like to get paid, we also know that making minor changes at will should be optional for our clients.

So, if it has been a while and you think your website needs a good facelift, let us know. We will be happy to discuss all of the options available to design a custom website, content management system, and/or skin (theme/style/template).

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