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Need a WordPress website design with Facebook integration?

Bluetera provides custom designed WordPress websites with integration of Facebook apps and widgets into WordPress themes. If you are looking to bring more interactivity to your website through social networking, we can help!

  • Simple Facebook Button – It is common practice these days to, at the very least, include a simple Facebook button (usually the Facebook icon) which links to your Facebook profile or page.
  • Facebook Like Button – This button can have more configuration options than the button mentioned above. We can set this button up to show users how many people already Like your page, photos of those people, and directly link the user to Like your page as well.
  • Facebook Activity Feed Plugin – This is a nifty little widget that will show all of your Facebook page’s recent activity. This is handy to include in a sidebar in WordPress.
  • Facebook Comments – This one is really useful! It allows Facebook users to post comments on your website and simultaniously post them on their own profile page. This helps let that user’s friends see what the user is saying and links back to your website.
  • Shared WordPress and Facebook Login – Allow users to log into your website with their Facebook account login credentials. This helps make the login process fast and easy for your users. It also helps add to the functionality of other added WordPress apps and plugins you may have installed on your website.
  • Facebook LiveStream – Add a tool to your website for instant live communication between the Facebook users and your website. This tool is great for sharing live events, webcasts, video/audio streams, and discussions.

Whether you have an existing website that is running WordPress and you just need Facebook installed, or you are running a WordPress website and want a new theme with Facebook connections, or if you need a non-WordPress website converted to WordPress… we do all of that!

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