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Web design scam targeting website developers! By Jessica Bolin

I just wanted to share some information about a recent experience I had while speaking with what I thought was a new web design client. I received an email from someone asking if I would be able to help them develop their new website. I responded, letting them know I would be happy to work with them once they provided me more details. So, not knowing it was a scam, I prepared the project agreement and included the price for the project. The “customer” emailed me back explaining that the price was acceptable and that they would mail a check to me for payment. I then got another email stating that the customer was going to have another person do some SEO on the website as well. Now here is where the scam comes in… he says he is sending me a check for $1,000 more than what I asked for. He asks me to cash the check and send the rest to the “SEO Guy”. He follows up with some lame excuse about why he needs me to do it. Thank goodness I know better and told him to get a real job. It is sad that even the web developers are getting scammed. What is even worse, people must be falling for it or they wouldn’t still be trying.

~ Jessica Bolin

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