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Need a vBulletin forum/publishing suite web designer?

Are you looking for a vBulletin forum and/or publishing suite website developer? I have been developing vBulletin websites for many years now. I am experienced with the older versions that are forum only, as well as the current publishing suite social networking software.

My vBulletin web design and development services include the following:

  • web hosting setup
  • vBulletin installation and database setup
  • migration of vBulletin from one web hosting account to another
  • merge multiple vBulletin databases into one
  • upgrade existing vBulletin websites to current or even previous versions of vBulletin
  • design custom vBulletin styles (skin, themes, templates, graphics)
  • installation of pre-existing vbulletin plugins, products, and modifications
  • SEO optimization for vBulletin
  • spam management for vBulletin
  • affiliate networking, pay per click campaigns, and ad management for vBulletin websites
  • vBulletin forum boosting (creation of originial thread and post content)
  • setup of vBulletin promotions and scheduled chron jobs (tasks)
  • vBulletin link building
  • seemless graphic blending of vBulletin into other website components such as WordPress, content management systems, and non-CMS websites
  • If there is an additional service that you are interested in and it is not listed here, please feel free to contact me.

    Jessica Bolin
    Phone: (614) 546-8278
    Email: [email protected]

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