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Backup your website before it’s too late!!

It is SO important to have regular backups made of your website and databases! I can’t count how many times I have had to tell panic stricken clients that there is nothing I can do to restore their website because they never got a backup of it. Most people don’t think that far ahead until it is too late.

A proper backup of your website ensures that no matter what might go wrong, it can always be restored. A backup needs to be performed almost as often as content is updated on the website. This means if you have constantly changing content, you need frequent backups. Otherwise, content added between the last backup and a failure is completely lost forever.

Let me share with you some reasons why you may need a backup.

  • Your web host/server crashes and all data is lost.
  • Some slime ball hacks into the server or an application and destroys your content or adds spyware and viruses to it.
  • Maybe you or someone else is browsing the files in the hosting account and accidentally deletes something.
  • You hire a new web developer and they make a mess of things and dissappear.
  • Your database is somehow corrupted.
  • Most common reason: The credit card used to renew your website hosting account each month expired and do did your hosting account.  All files are deleted.

If you are in need of a current backup of your website, Bluetera will perform a full backup and provide you with the files for just $50.  Turn around time is 48 business hours.

Contact us for more details or to get started with your website backup!

I want to point out that any time Bluetera is hired to perform maintenance to a website, we backup files that we modify and depending on the situation, may perform a full site backup. Brand new websites designed by us, hosting transfers, and application/software upgrades always have a backup performed upon completion of the site.

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