PDF Postcard Content and Design Revisions for SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors

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Bluetera Portfolio
SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors LLC
Bluetera recently completed a project of PDF postcard content and design editing for SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors.  Dr. Michael Fikar hired us to update the investment numbers and other content on the postcard.  We also modified the design and presentation of the content on the address side of the postcard, to make it flow better and place more emphasis on desired portions of content. Note that the original design that we modified was not created by Bluetera.

SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors LLC
Dr. Michael Fikar
Winston-Salem, NC

  • Edit/Change Text in PDF Postcard
  • Modify and improve the graphic design on the address side of the postcard, so that it is more appealing to the eye.
  • Add the updated version of the PDF postcard to their website.