PDF Flyer Line Graph and Content Revisions for SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors

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Bluetera Portfolio
SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors LLC
Bluetera recently completed a large project of PDF editing for SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors.  Dr. Michael Fikar hired us to combine separate PDF documents into one, as well as edit content, and update the numbers and formatting in their line graphs.  Attached here is just one example of PDF document we modified for them. Note that the original design that we modified was not created by Bluetera.

SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors LLC
Dr. Michael Fikar
Winston-Salem, NC

  • Merge PDF Documents Together
  • Edit/Change Text in PDF Document
  • Change chart criteria for existing line graphs and update the graphs accordingly.
  • Add updated versions of PDF to their website.