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You can find a large collection of premade vBulletin modifications (mods), hacks, and customizations at I am very experienced with the installation and modification of these plugins, as well as ensuring that they are compatable with your custom vBulletin style. Below are just some of the mods I work with and personally recommend:

vBulletin Spam Prevention

There are a number of ways to combat spammers and prevent them from bombarding your website with garbage. I have a proven strategy for nearly eliminating all spam within vBulletin websites. This includes a combination of member registration tools, member promotion strategies, spam filtering mods, suspicious activity blocking, and custom rules. Details are provided for paying customers.

vBulletin Advertising Mods

Whether you are wanting to place your own ad campaigns to make money, or if you desire to share ad space with contributing members or sponsors… I can set up advertising mods that allow backend control by admins and whoever else you chose. I can set your website up with the ad placements that are proven to perform best.

vBulletin Search Engine Optimization

By default, vBulletin does come prepackaged with search engine optimization tools. However, if you do not know how to correctly set them all up, you will be missing out on traffic and better page ranks. I know all the best tricks, hacks, and modifications to use to get the most out of your vBulletin SEO. That includes installation and setup of VBSEO for vBulletin. Click on the graphic below to purchase VBSEO for your vBulletin website.

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