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Build a community to build your business!

I SPECIALIZE in development of vBulletin Publishing Suite, community, blog, and forum websites!

If you need someone with experience installing, transfering, and customizing vBulletin websites from old to current versions, then look no further. I know how to make the most of the vBulletin software’s features such as spam prevention, search engine optimization, user registration and tools, ad placement, and more. Some of my services include:

  • Installation, transfer, and upgrade of vBulletin websites
  • User and thread import/export
  • Database backups
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom designed vBulletin styles/skins
  • vBulletin template editing
  • vBulletin module installation and upgrades
  • Custom ad placement
  • Setup of chron jobs
  • Setup of user promotions and strategy

I am experienced with both the older versions of the vBulletin forum package and also the newer Publishing Suite.

Speak Out! vBulletin gets the web talking!

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