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Using Google Analytics for Website Statistics

Install Google Analytics in WebsitesDuring our 13 years of business, Bluetera has watched the progression of the Google Analytics website monitoring application and compared it with those provided by web hosting companies. Our conclusion is that Google Analytics far surpasses the quality and functionality of other website statistical monitoring packages. We highly recommend integrating Google Analytics to monitor traffic and user activity on your website.

So what is Google Analytics? It is an application developed by Google that can be plugged in to any website to monitor all sorts of activity. It not only provides historical data about user behavior, data storage, bandwidth, etc, but also shows real time data. You can now see live and first hand what your users are doing at any given moment on your website. It will show you how many users are active, where they are from, what pages they are currently viewing, how long they are staying on pages, and more. Google Analytics lets you monitor Adsense performance, set alerts and triggers, and create custom reporting.

The amount of tools and resources made available through Google Analytics blows all the other statistical applications out of the water. Not only that, but with Google being the super giant of the search engine world, who better to monitor your website traffic and provide you the information needed to improve your website’s search engine optimization?

Bluetera doesn’t make any money off of promoting Google Analytics. It is a free application, installed by adding some free code to your website. This is purely a recommendation that we make to all of our clients simply because we feel it is the best available.

For more information about installing Google Analytics on your website, feel free to contact us.

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