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SSL Encryption Certificates

In today’s society, people need to know that their information is safe and secure. Especially when they are exchanging money and personal information over the Internet via merchant accounts. This is so important that companies who provide merchant accounts, REQUIRE that a site be securely encrypted! If you plan to operate an online store or a site that contains sensitive information, it is imperative that you install an SSL certificate.

Through Motion City Hosting, I am able to provide different levels of Starfield Technologies SSL certificates. You may purchase them through Motion City Hosting and install them yourself. Or, you may contact me and I will install them for you. If you are interested in having me install SSL on your site, please contact me at [email protected].

Our Turbo SSL starts out at just $29.99/year
and our Deluxe certificate starts out at $89.95/year.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Before issuing a SSL certificate, Starfield Technologies rigorously authenticates the requestor’s domain control, and in the case of High Assurance SSL Certificates, the identity and, if applicable, the business records of the certificate requesting entity. The authentication process insures that customers and business
partners can rest assured that a Web site protected with a Starfield Technologies certificate can be trusted.

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