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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I am currently offering Search Engine Optimization of new and existing sites. I am very knowledgeable about the SEO standards and what is necessary to drive traffic and boost page ranks. My SEO services include…

•analysis of Search Engine ranks and inbound/outbound links
•content to keyword ratio balance (content analysis)
meta tag updating and insertion
•code error correction and updating
•analysis of web crawler and search engine code readability
submission to search engines
•CSS conversion for speed boost
Search Engine Visibillity SEO software is optional through Bluetera

Pricing for SEO is on a per client basis. Because every client’s situation varies, I cannot provide a general cost here. If you would like to try some optimization on your own, take a look at Search Engine Visibillity SEO software offered by my company, Bluetera. It’s a very straight forward and easy to use online program which offers site analysis, search engine submission, and suggestions for search engine optimization. Please contact me to get a quote for your site’s customized Search Engine Optimization plan at [email protected].

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is a set of standards that are applied to web sites in an attempt to help those sites maintain their search engine page ranks. So what are page ranks? Your page rank, is where you sit in line on a search engine’s listings. Your page rank should be as high as possible in order
to stay ahead of competition and to be found on the Internet by viewers.

There are so many things that are vital for traffic rankings and search engine optimization (SEO). If those things are not up to par, your web site may as well not exist. No one will find you. I am noticing a lot of people taking SEO for granted and not stopping to make sure that their site is running at optimal performance. Then again, who would ever think to do that when a lot of web designers these days just don’t care and don’t explain it’s importance to their clients? My advice to everyone who is interested in a web site or has one that gets no traffic… be certain that your developer knows SEO standards and plans to use them on your site.

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