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Pay Per Click (PPC) and Affiliates

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Affiliate Program Installation

Today’s web developers have realized that in order take full advantage of the Internet’s marketing abillity, that networking is key. Pay Per Click programs such as Google AdSense (shown on the right side of this page), can be helpful in several ways. Not only will they increase traffic to your site, but they can also generate additional revenue. PPC works by placing links and advertisements on your page which are targeted to your specific content and audience. If a viewer decides to leave your site, they will be more inclined to leave in search of similar resources and therefor click one of your PPC ads. The company generating the PPC ad will then pay you commission for the generated traffic.

On the other end of PPC, are the companies which are generating the advertisements. If you need to get the word out about your company and want to give it a head start, then a program such as Google AdWords is the way to go. For a nominal fee, you can create advertisements targeted to your specific audience and content. Those advertisements are then generated on web sites hosting the PPC ads. The money that you paid for your ad is then paid to the sites which are generating traffic for you. Google’s PPC network is huge and growing at a fast rate. Another plus is that Google’s high monitoring and security levels insure that those sites are not creating bogus traffic for you and wasting your money.

Affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates are similar. The major difference being that commission is made from item sales. Either you can sell your items on someone else’s site and pay them a portion of the commission made from their links, or you can host seller’s items on your site and they pay YOU commissions for the items sold through
your site. To the lower left of this page, you will see an ad for a really good book on affiliate programs. That ad is also an example of how an affilate ad works.

You may enroll in these programs online via the links I have provided and set them up yourself, or you may also contact me for support in enrollment or installing these services at [email protected].

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