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Google SEO algorithm update in June 2019 may cause website traffic to drop or spike!

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June 2019 Google rolled out a huge core update to its search engine optimization algorithm.  It has shown an immediate impact on large numbers of websites.  Some good and some bad effects on website traffic, depending on the individual website.  Some major well-known websites saw massive and sudden spikes in website traffic, while others saw huge declines in web traffic.  This has sent many business owners into a panic.

SEO watchdogs, including Bluetera, are still analyzing the effects of the update and working to determine how best to approach all of the algorithm changes. When Google launches updates like this, it often is not straight forward as to what exactly was changed or how we should all adapt to it.  But believe this… it does effect you.

If your website is experiencing any sort of website traffic fluctuations, it would be best to have a free SEO analysis performed to determine where your website is lacking in SEO or how to truly leverage any gains you may be seeing.  At this rate, pretty much every single website on the Internet needs a good analysis and some revisions.  No website is exempt from this.  Without it, I can guarantee you are missing out on quality website traffic and high search engine rankings.

To add to the chaos, Google also updated their Search Quality Rater Guidelines in May 2019.  Not everything that Google does is automated by artificial intelligence (machines).  The Search Quality Raters are actual humans that do manual Search Engine Ranking for websites.  Think of it as a human comparison and cross-check to ensure the AI is doing what it is supposed to.

They have a huge set of standards to follow that are far more complex than the average person would think.  Google really does look at websites in ways that most people would never realize.  That is why it is so vital to hire a professional SEO expert to make sure your website meets the SEO standards that Google expects.  It is no secret that Google is THE ONE that we all need to make happy.

Additional Google algorithm core updates were launched in February and March 2019 as well.

Bluetera works around the clock to research the changes in Google’s search engine optimization requirements and to understand how human Search Quality Raters determine what websites to rank highest and which ones to rank lowest.  To know their job requirements is to understand how websites are ranked.

If you would like to get a FREE analysis of your website and discuss how Bluetera can help increase your website traffic and improve your online presence and reputation, give us a call now.


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