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Graphic & MultiMedia Design

Graphic and Multimedia Design

Just starting a new business? Tired of that old, outdated company logo? Do you have a presentation coming up and need a good Power Point scheme? Need to play a video on your web site? I offer all of those things! Not to mention banners, animated GIFs, splash pages, intros, Flash animated commercials, online advertisements, and just about any other form of multimedia! Files can be exported in multiple formats such as…

•GIF, JPG, BMP, etc.
•PNG, PSD (PhotoShop), PDF (Acrobat), and all Adobe extensions
•Power Point PP
•SWF, FLA (Flash), Shockwave, and all Macromedia extensions
•MOV (Quicktime), RM (Real Media), RAM, WMV (Windows), QT, MPEG
•vector and bitmap with all color scales
•high resolution available

Graphic design prices are on a per client basis since everyone’s situation varies. If you would like a customized quote, please contact me at [email protected].

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Image and media production on the web is a tricky process! A lot of viewers do not know that there are many limitations which must be taken into consideration when in the design process. Let’s take images for web sites such as logos… Did you you know that choosing the incorrect file format for your image can result in slow loading or terrible clarity? Did you also know that the same thing applies to video and audio for web? There are many choices for media formats, but those choices are not always the wisest. A designer must take into consideration what types of plugins or media player the viewer will have to have installed on their computer to use the file. Choosing the best and most widely used format is crucial if you want to reach the highest percentage of your viewers. The designer also has to consider the viewers hardware and Internet capabilities. Let’s not forget to think about who the target audience is! Staying up to date on the latest software and media trends is necessary to make these decisions. Is your designer staying up to date??

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