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Hello everyone! I just wanted to put a little blurb up here for those who do not stay on top of the latest domain news.

Not too long ago, a new domain extension was introduced to the world. In addition with the traditional COM, NET, BIZ, and ORG… there is now… NAME . Many people will find themselves frustrated at a dead end road when all of their choice domain names have already been taken by someone else. I just wanted to bring light to this new extension that most people seem to be unaware of.

The NAME extension is meant to used as it sounds… for domains by names. So if your name was “John Doe”, you might use This can be useful for doctors, musicians, artist, personal profiles, you name it.

I offer this new choice of domain extension at . Please visit that site for more information. Some of my clients are using that extension and seem to like it very well.

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