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Bluetera SPECIALIZES in custom MySpace profile designs for both basic and music profiles!

Our custom MySpace profiles stand apart from the cookie cutter MySpace templates you see floating around on the Internet. Our profiles are also nothing like the basic templates offered for free within the MySpace editor. These custom MySpace profiles are highly customized to your character and needs. In some cases, for those who want extreme, we can make your MySpace profile look like it’s own separate website.

Our custom MySpace profiles can include custom:

  • Flash mp3 players
  • Flash animations
  • Flash photo galleries
  • Flash information sections
  • Custom display of friends with personalized graphics
  • We can hide and display just about any component within a MySpace profile and add new ones.

Bluetera has a very large portfolio of custom MySpace profile designs for you to take a look at. We have designed for all types of purposes including musicians, artists, personal profiles, and business profiles.

We take MySpace profile design to a whole new level. In order to create a custom MySpace profile, you have to be able to manipulate the MySpace code without violating their terms. As well as knowing when they change their code. Let’s just say, we know their code and terms like the back of our hand.

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