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Custom CSS MySpace profile design/development information!

If you are looking for a MySpace profile designer Guru, then you have come to the right place! I have spent ridiculous amounts of time analyzing the MySpace code that drives the profiles of both regular users and band users. Combine that with my creative edge, artistic style, and experience… and you are destined to come out of your project with something phenominal!

Some people may wonder “Why spend so much time trying to manipulate a social networking site that seems to be a fad for teens?”. I think that assumption is a huge mistake on the parts of business owners and people who have a product or subject to market. MySpace may have initially been a play place for mostly teens, but it has come a long way. I have seen it grow into a vehicle for serious marketing. MySpace is no longer the “hang out” for only teens. It now houses the profiles of adults of all ages and character, non-profit organizations, retailers, musicians, film-makers, large corporations, and other various industries. Not to mention those “teens”… will be adults soon and will remember what they see on MySpace. The makers of MySpace hit a gold-mine when they created their social network.

Do not under-estimate the power of MySpace. If you are looking for a new and sure way to add to your marketing strategy, you will want to consider MySpace. You want to begin with collecting as many “friends” as humanly possible. The more friends, the farther your reach across the world. With it’s blogging and bulletin options, you are able to use this to post current business news, sales, etc. Then, all of those “friends” you have collected will now see what you are posting. If you utilize the tools right, you can draw them in. What’s even better, everything you post in a MySpace profile is indexed by the search engines. So, if they aren’t going directly to your main website, they might find your product/info on MySpace.

I know there are still a lot of people out there who don’t want to believe it. I even doubted it when I first got into this area, but the amount of requests coming in for custom MySpace profile development is increasing exponentially. For the clients I have using MySpace, they agree that it is a great marketing tool (and it’s FREE). This is especially true for media related entities.

A word of advice when having a custom MySpace profile developed:

Do your research! Make sure the person you are hiring to make your MySpace profile really knows their stuff! Not just about coding, but also the inner workings of MySpace, it’s users, and it’s rules. There are a LOT of people out there “claiming” to provide custom profiles, but what you will find is that these people only know minimal customization at best. To me, true customization that will knock someone’s socks off means that the profile no longer resembles the default layout of MySpace. It looks like it’s own separate web page. Don’t be duped into paying for just another “cookie-cutter” profile design. All of my MySpace designs are completely custom and just ooze unique character. Unless, of course, the client requests to keep the standard layout… then the customer gets what they want.

You should also keep in mind that basic MySpace profiles and band MySpace profiles are NOT the same! They are two entirely different animals. Basic profiles for the general user are, by far, the easiest to manipulate and code. Therfor, you end up with a lot more people who think they are brilliant MySpace customizers, but when they get their hands on a band project… they are at a loss.

Manipulating MySpace band profiles was quite a chore to wrap my brain around. It’s not as simple as you might think when you are looking at it for the first time. You really have to have a clear picture of how every item in the profile works, how it is labeled/coded, and how/where it is placed. You then have to figure out ways to “reshape” that code and turn into something completely different without breaking the rules of MySpace. There are many limitations and many road blocks set forth by the MySpace code. MySpace is always changing their coding. Changing what we have to work with. The more you try to manipulate it, the more customized you get, the more you try to turn it into something different…. the harder it works against you. Only those who truly invest a lot of time into researching the rules, regulations, and code setup of MySpace will be gurus. Their examples will be a clear statement of their skills.

Some people may find my MySpace rates to be too high simply because they think this is an easy job. So many kids out there are manipulating MySpace every day and hey… it’s only ONE page… right? Wrong! I can’t stress enough the time that goes into understanding MySpace and making an amazing design. ESPECIALLY band profiles. Of course, it has gotten a lot easier for me because I do them all the time now. But my point is, make sure the person you hire really does know what they are doing. Make sure they have samples of the paricular type of MySpace profile you will be needing.

So that’s my two cents on custom CSS MySpace designs/developers and the social networking giant. So for those of you looking for a designer, happy hunting and always know… I am here if you need me!


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