Website Security & Maintenance


Secure your investment and ensure you always have your “best foot forward” with Bluetera website security and maintenance plans. Protect yourself from mishaps such as expired web hosting, system errors, and editing mistakes. Suit your website up with digital armor to keep hackers at bay. Save yourself and your wallet the pain of major repairs and damage control.

Website & Database Backups

Be prepared for any sort of website misfortune with routine website and database backups. If the content on your website changes periodically or frequently, you absolutely need to have backups. Without full backups, you will not be able to restore your website with the most recent content. Bluetera offers on-demand backups, monthly backups, and high frequency backups for websites with constantly changing data. Ask us about our scheduled maintenance plans.

Website Program Updates

There is a big misconception that websites can be launched and left untouched for many years without any potential consequences. Websites require maintenance similar to that of a computer or mobile device to ensure optimal functionality and security. A website’s code will gradually become obsolete and errors may occur as it does not keep up with ever evolving hosting server programs. Bluetera provides updates to website programs/code on-demand or as monthly routine maintenance.

Website Content Updates

Keeping your website content is not only important to maintain a captive audience, but also vital in climbing to the top of search engine listings. We realize that not everyone has the time, experience, or desire to make website content updates themselves. That is why Bluetera offers on-demand and scheduled content updates in packages catered to each Client’s unique needs. If you prefer to make updates yourself, we have solutions for that as well.

Website Error Repair

Need help fixing your website error? Bluetera has helped many Clients recover from simple and complex website malfunctions. Sometimes a website error may be due to outdated website code, poor coding, mistakes in changes to content, failed updates, server problems, and a variety of other issues. Whatever the problem may be, we have solutions to the problem at hand, as well as the expertise to prevent the issue from arising again.