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To Celebrate the new branding of Motion City Media to Bluetera, we are offering 60% OFF of our WordPress website design!  This is limited to August, 2018 and rules apply.  See below!

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These WordPress websites are extremely useful and perfect for companies that are looking for more control over their website content.  WordPress provides a easy to use content editor, allowing anyone without any knowledge of coding skills to add, edit, and delete their website content.  WordPress also allows for easier expansion and evolution of websites over time.

This discount applies to any WordPress website project that utilizes a pre-made WordPress template design. Pre-made templates can be customized to meet everyone’s needs and we have thousands of them! You will be able to choose the template you like best.

We can do just about anything with WordPress!  Aren’t sure if it is a good fit for you?  Give us a call and we can talk specifics.

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