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CPanel Linux Web Hosting

Great for websites using HTML, PHP and MySQL, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, OSCommerce, and more! Suitable for most common website types. Many content management systems require this type of hosting.

VPS Virtual Private Server

Looking for something with more resources, security, and flexibility? Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages are great for larger or high traffic websites and those that need more customizing.

Plesk Windows Web Hosting

Plesk Windows Web Hosting is commonly used when websites are designed with compatible types of web coding language such as ASP. Some content management systems require this type of hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The ultimate in storage, resources, security, and customization options! These plans provide a secure barrier between you and other websites. Great for websites with sensitive data and high traffic.

Business Web Hosting

Web hosting that is enhanced with special features and tools geared towards business management and growth.  Great for businesses that would like a little extra help with their web hosting package.

Dedicated Hosting IP

Need a separate dedicated IP address?  If you are looking for this, then we assume you know what this product is for.  It is used for specific situations.  Want to know more?  Click the link below.

WordPress Website Hosting

This website hosting plan is specifically made for WordPress websites. It makes creating a WordPress website very easy, but the best part is the enhanced security and website backups.

Not sure what to choose?

Give us a call or send us an email if you are not sure which web hosting product will best suite your needs. We will help you choose based on your website purpose, size, and website design method.