About Bluetera

Bluetera is a full service marketing company local to Winston-Salem, NC that provides professional services to companies, organizations, and private individuals to raise and boost brand/topic awareness both online and via print materials.  Our goal is to help you tell the world about what is important to you and convert that into traffic, social media followers, and goal conversions.

We offer nearly all of the services needed to market your subject.  Some of these services are website design and development, graphic design, print design, search engine optimization, all things needed to operate a website, social media marketing, online reputation management, content monetization, marketing strategy and more.

Founder and CEO

Jessica Hood

Bluetera was founded and nurtured by CEO Jessica Hood in the year 2000, under the original name Anomaly Media.  From humble beginnings as a sole-proprietor and entrepreneur to a full LLC organization, Jessica has had an ever evolving vision of what it means to be the best marketing company in the industry.  She began by offering graphic design, then website design, and then on to all of the services we offer today.  Bluetera utilizes modern technologies, well researched strategy, and human psychology in our marketing efforts.  Jessica has taken great consideration to present a near all-encompassing company to the public. It was personal hands-on experience that allowed Jessica to see that Clients needed and wanted simplification and better control over their marketing efforts.  Jessica was one of the early pioneers of transitioning from website control by development companies over to website control by the Clients.  Jessica and Bluetera believes in empowering clients with the tools to make change and make marketing easier than the days of old.  It is and always has been our utmost priority to ensure that our Clients are successful in their goals and endeavors.

Company History
  • March 2019

    Bluetera becomes a member of UpCity

    Bluetera profile on UpCity

  • November 2018

    Bluetera becomes a Template Monster Certified Partner with certification in WordPress development.


    Bluetera Certified Partner profile on Template Monster

  • August 2018

    Bluetera becomes a registered Microsoft Partner and begins selling and providing support for online Microsoft products.

    Bluetera Registered Partner profile on Microsoft

  • June 2018

    Motion City Media was renamed and re-branded to Bluetera LLC.  The reason for this change was to create a shorter unique and memorable company brand.

    There is also another company in a different state that started going by the name of Motion City Media.  There was a lot of confusion among Clients trying to find us online.  We wanted to eliminate any confusion.

  • 2010

    Jessica Hood renamed and re-branded the business from Anomaly Media to Motion City Media due to the fact that so many people had a hard time spelling “Anomaly”.

  • 2005

    Anomaly Media becomes an official GoDaddy partner and begins offering additional web hosting, domain name, email, SSL, and other related services/products.

  • 2002

    Anomaly Media begins offering web hosting services.

  • 2000

    Jessica Hood began providing graphic and website design services to the public, under the name “Anomaly Media”.